Monthly Archives: April 2014

Random Thoughts

I’m really going to try to make regular entries to this blog.  Sometimes, the posts will seem random.  Sometimes I’ll even use the prompt of the day that I have on the site.  Looking for a few good writing prompts, check out the “Homeschool Websites” page.  It has a rotating prompt of the day.  I’m also trying to add to the list of prompts.  Currently, they will cycle through all of them about every 50 days but I’ll be adding more to the list as I go along.  Some of the prompts are thought-provoking and will require several paragraphs to completely answer.  Others are quick and painless and can be answered in a couple sentences.  I’ve tried to make them so that they can be used by anyone…children, tweens, teens or adults.  Enjoy!

Lesson Learned

Sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way.  I learned the hard way that it is always best to keep a backup of a website…even one created with a database backend.  I was going through the installations of WordPress on my hosting account and noticed a couple that I thought were old and no longer in use.  I decided to delete them, databases and all, to free up space and overhead on the server.  Come to find out, one of those databases was still in use on this site.  I even clicked right through the “Are you sure?  This cannot be undone.” warning.  Guess what?  Deleting the database could not be undone.  Most of the content I was able to get from the Wayback Machine ( but I still had to rebuild the database, re-upload all the pictures and create the pages one at a time with the content.

Now, I’ll be making and retaining backups of the site regularly.

Hope you enjoy this site!  I hope to bring regular thoughts on lots of various topics: education, design, computer technology, theatre, arts, Bible, church, etc.

Feel free to follow this blog for regular updates.