Target Audience?  Check.  Problems?  Check.  Solutions?  Check.  Your uniqueness?  Check.  Now what?

Once you’ve decided WHAT you need to communicate to your audience, it’s time to figure out HOW.  That’s where AKIR Design Services comes in.

AKIR Design Services exists to create cost-effective design solutions to fit any budget. From a few pages to over a hundred, I can create a website that will give your business or organization an effective means of communicating with your potential customer, client or member.

Is your current website not communicating effectively?  I can edit or rebuild your site so that it trumpets the benefits of your message.

But what about all the rest of your communications?  Business cards?  Letterhead?  Posters?  I can create a design for all of your means of communication that will create a brand for your organization or business that will help drive supporters your way.

In addition to design work, I also can provide audio editing and photo restoration services to assist you personally or your business or organization.

Initial consultation meetings are always free and without obligation.  Let me help you attract your target audience.