Dramatic Scripts

Dramatic Scripts

Over the years, I’ve written several scripts for various performances (many of them holiday-oriented).  Below are the descriptions.  Many of these scripts had specific underscore songs that I used with them in performance.  The titles of those songs are not included in all of the scripts but can be provided upon request from the author.  To purchase and download the scripts, visit Visit Shop.

A Christmas Carol–An original musical adaptation of this beloved tale.  Included here are purchase and royalty information and excerpts from selected scenes.

Abraham and Sarah Duologue–This is a duologue written by Allen and Kristy for use in a Java Night (coffee house) presentation in October 2003.  It includes two monologues by Abraham, one by Sarah and two scenes between the two.  It tells the whole story of Isaac from God’s promise to “bless [Abraham] and make [his] name great,” through Abraham and Isaac’s return from the sacrifice.

The duologue includes one original song by Abraham the night before the sacrifice.  Sarah sings the first verse and chorus from It Is Well.  The duologue was scripted to end with Amy Grant’s El Shaddai sung by Sarah.  The music for this song is NOT included with the script and must be obtained separately. For the original performance, all underscore music was played live on the guitar.  Script available from the store.

From the Eyes of John–This monologue, originally performed for Easter 2011, goes through the Gospel, the Epistles and the Revelation of John.  It makes mention of several stories from Jesus’ ministry and many other themes from the 5 books of the New Testament written by the Apostle John.  This monologue, when originally performed, also included an on-stage transformation from the young Apostle John to the much older John the Revelator through the use of costuming and makeup.  A video of this performance is also available for a small additional fee upon request. Script available from the store.  Video available here.

Joseph–This short monologue was written to be performed in December 2014.  It shows Joseph’s reaction to the news of Mary’s pregnancy.  There are three “voices” that interact with Joseph throughout the monologue.  In the original performance, all voices were pre-recorded.  Script and video will be available after performance.

Mary–This script was written and originally performed in 2012 for a Christmas production.  It begins with Mary at the foot of the cross and Mary’s story is told through flashbacks from Jesus’ ministry. Script available from the store.

Peter Monologue–This monologue was written in 1999 for initial performance at King’s Chapel Christian Center in Springfield MO.  It has since been performed at West County Assembly of God in St. Louis MO and Grace Assembly of God in Florissant, MO.  The monologues catalogues the Passion story from the triumphal entry to Jesus’ appearance to the disciples after the resurrection from the eyes of Simon Peter.  It includes communion which, at King’s Chapel and Grace, was also used with the congregation taking communion at the same time. The monologue ends with Don Franscisco’s He’s Alive sung by Peter. The music for this song is NOT included with the script and must be obtained by the performer. Script available from the store.

Samuel and Dinah-Originally written for Destination Theatre Company’s first One Act Competition and Dessert Auction, this 4-character, original one-act play follows a couple as they deal with re-uniting 4-years after a messy breakup.  Will true love win out (despite one of the couple being re-engaged and the other dealing with severe depression)? Script available from the store.

Shepherd Scene–This Christmas Drama is a scene between an older adult shepherd and his young grandson.  The adult shepherd, one who visited Jesus on that first Christmas, tells his grandson about that night while also emphasizing the importance of the job of a shepherd.  The adult part is significantly larger than the child’s making this excellent for an adult and child actor.  The original performance, in 2011, concluded with the song, “In the First Light” but neither the music nor the rights are included with the script. The scene will be performed again in December 2014. Script available from the store.  A video will be made available after the performance.

Simeon–This short monologue was original written and performed in 2012 for Christmas.  It is also being performed in December 2014.  The script originally included a chorus from “Now I Have Held Him In My Arms” by Michael Card but I subsequently wrote an original song which will be included with the script.  Script and video will be available after the performance.

Uncle Sam Monologue–This monologue has been performed two different times with slightly different text.  It is designed to have 5 patriotic songs included throughout the monologue including “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the beginning and an Armed Forces medley.  The first time the monologue was performed, the songs were pre-recorded (except for the opening song which was sung solo with live accompaniment).  The second time, all songs were performed live by a choir.  The songs can be changed, and the monologue adapted as necessary for differences in songs, with notification to the author.  Suggested song titles are included in the script but neither music nor lyrics are provided. Script available from the store.

What’s Your Favorite Part–This play for one adult male, two adult females, one young adult female, one child male and one young adult of either gender; was originally performed for a Christmas production including choirs and instrumental groups at a larger church.  The story revolves around an extended family of father, mother, son, daughter and grandmother still mourning the loss of their father, grandfather and husband along with a friend with no knowledge of the true meaning of the season.  Everyone is trying to make the season their best idea of “perfect” through the use of script writing, meal-making and tree-trimming.  It is the youngest member who finally reminds them of the true meaning of the season.  The title is indicative of the recurring question about everyone’s favorite part of the season. Script available from the store.

2009 One Act Competition

For Destination Theatre Company’s 2009 One Act Competition, we performed 7 original plays by various playwrights.  Some of the scripts are available here and others are available from the playwrights themselves.  For information on scripts not available here, please contact Allen Moore.

The Dancing Aktuzies and the Staff of Moses–While Professor Dudpupples and his team are exploring for the staff of Moses in the jungle, they are captured by the Dancing Aktuzi–a crazy tribe who love to dance but can’t because they are forbidden by Wicked Whitey and Big Joe who have them under their control.  Will the professor and his team escape from the evil clutches of the Dancing Aktuzies?  Will they discover the staffof Moses and harness all the great powers it possesses?  Will the Dancing Aktuzi ever get to dance again?  The beat of the Aktuzi drums go on…–Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.

A Hellish Vision–A teenager experiences hell all too vividly. His/her friend shows him/her the way out of hell. –Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.

The Taunter’s Defeat–Middle school girls face immense amounts of peer pressure from older girls to conform in looks and behavior, behavior that is often immoral. Three girls find that by banding together and focusing on God’s Word they are able to resist this peer pressure and stay true to their values.–Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.

Today’s Good Samaritan–Jesus once told a story about an injured Jew who was helped by a man Jews classified as an outcast. What would that story look like today?–Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.

A Shakespearean Murder Mystery–Did you know that Shakespeare never wrote a murder mystery?  Ever wondered why?  Well, we’ve taken care of that lack of representation in the great cannon of literature.  A whodunit of historical proportions.  Who murdered the boy?  Was it poison?  What could have been their motive?–Script available from the store.

If Jesus Held a Press Conference–What kind of questions would the press have asked Jesus about his Sermon on the Mount?  How would he have responded?  What if the world really did consider him “important” enough to ask him questions.–Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.

The Challenge–Ever wonder what a conversation between the Devil and God would sound like?  We have one example in the Book of Job but very little other evidence of direct conversation.  What if God’s actions sometimes result from a Devilish Challenge?  What would the Demons and Angels think about such an event?–Allen Moore can contact playwright for information on securing script and performance rights.