Custom-made Coloring Sheets

Looking for a truly unique gift for kids (of any age)?  How about a coloring book made from your own pictures!

You just send in your pictures, I create a line drawing based on your pictures and get them back to you either via email, a website or on a CD.  You can print them out and create your own custom coloring book.  Take a look at a couple pictures I’ve done so far.  The photographs were edited to create a line image that can easily be used as a coloring sheet!  How personal is that!  Creation of your custom coloring book images starts at only $5 per image.  Or, if you send more than 10 images, it drops down to half price!  Need the pictures printed too?  Let me know and I can send you a quote for your job.

Original Image of a Boat

Line Image made from the Picture


Building Image

Building Image Line Drawing


Football Image


football line drawing