Homeschool Websites

Daily Writing Prompt

#36. One day you are in your yard when one of your neighbor's garden gnomes walks over the starts to tell you about what is really going on. Write the scene.

As a home school father of three, one thing that I am able to provide is a useful site for use by home school groups or families.

Home School Groups

For home school support groups, I can provide a complete solution to automate just about everything about your group.  This can include (among other things):

  • User Management including varying levels of control for various members, board members, page editors, etc.
  • Limiting page content for viewing only by logged-in users.  This can be done on a page-by-page basis and even within the content of a page if desired.
  • Event Management including online registration and, if desired, payment.
  • Member forms including all of the information you request your members to submit.  The information can be made available online (to logged-in users only) to provide an electronic membership directory.
  • Photo Gallery for field trips and events
  • Registration forms for talent shows, etc.
  • Member forum for ongoing discussions about any topic desired.
  • Electronic document distribution
  • Payment gateway for membership dues and other fees throughout the year

Home School Families

For home schooling families, I can create a website to meet your needs.  This, among other things, could include:

  • An assignment area for putting information about upcoming assignments.  It can even include a checklist for each child to check off as they complete the assignments.
  • General information about your home school family.
  • A blogging platform for children and/or parents to encourage writing and, with parent approval, comments by others who may visit the site.
  • An online gradebook and hours log.
  • All content can have limitations placed on who can view the page and/or specific information within a page.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your specific needs, please let me know via email at