Photo Restoration

Need your photos turned digital?  Nearly anyone with a decent camera or scanner can create a digital file but what about the “irregularities” of the original?  Have the edges curled?  Are there creases or tears?  Puncture marks?  Other problems?  When you transform those into digital images, many of those issues will still exist…some of them you may not have even noticed until you zoomed in.  I take the process a step further.  Not only do I make a high-resolution digital copy of your photographs, I also apply high-detail photo editing techniques to get those print-ready files as close to the original image as possible…not just the one you give me but how it was meant to be.  Can I turn water into wine?  Maybe not.  However, I can make a lot of those accidental and time-caused issues disappear from your prized photographs.  Fees start at $20 per photograph with discounts available for 10 or more photos in one group.  Half of the fee is due up front and, if you don’t like the finished product, you don’t pay.  For 10 or more photos, if none of them are what you wanted or expected, I’ll even refund a portion of the deposit!  Upon receipt of final payment, you will get your high-quality (at least 6 megapixel) images on a CD-ROM that you can use to create prints or just to archive your memories!