Website Consultation

According to a 2008 Report by Google, the internet is growing by several billion website pages every day.  Websites are not necessarily difficult to put together and publish.  Almost any word processor, desktop publishing software or text editor will output their files to a website.  However, if you want users to find your website, you must pay attention to the details “behind the scenes”.

Do you know what people see when they get to your site?  Is it what you want them to see?  How long does it take them to successfully complete the purpose of your site?  I can help in answering all of these questions and more!

The website consulting service is available to test your site, with a set of fresh eyes, to determine if your site is successful at meeting its purpose in reaching your target audience and compelling them to purchase, donate, contact or otherwise interact with your content.

My website consulting service consists of:

  • Taking a self-guided tour of your website to attempt to identify the site’s purpose and how to successfully complete it as a customer, client or member.
  • Providing a simple questionnaire for you to complete indicating what your site’s purpose is and what information those using the site should be able to find.
  • Using your site and reporting on how easy and user-friendly the design and navigation are toward meeting your stated goals and purposes.
  • Analyzing your site’s source code to determine what a search engine, and a prospective user, would find when it looks at a site.
  • Searching for your site from many different search engines, using terms provided by the site owner, to determine the effectiveness of their current design.
  • Running your site through the “Three Click Rule” for navigation and completion of tasks.
  • Viewing your site through a variety of browsers, on a variety of operating systems and with a variety of screen sizes to determine how well it operates under different circumstances.

I offer this service for a reasonable price which includes a full report which will provide both a simple-language synopsis of the process and also specific changes, if any, that could be implemented to improve a site’s performance. If desired, AKIR Design, will also include a quote for making the requested changes to your site.