Books and Publications

Allen Moore also has several books and/or publications available for purchase.

Auditioning for Directors–Available for Kindle only.  This book is designed to help live theatre directors plan and conduct auditions.  Topics include auditioning for children, adults, teens, musicals, theatre troupes and ministry.

Programming-Basics-A-Primer–Available as a free pdf download.  This short book is designed to give a basic overview of the most basic elements involved in any programming language.  This book does not go into detail on any programming language but rather gives a brief overview of topics including variables, looping and branching which are used in every programming language.

A Devotional Book over the Assemblies of God Statement of Fundamental Truths–Coming Soon!

Starting and Running a Christian Theatre Company–Coming soon!  This book outlines the steps to starting a theatre company.  Special emphasis is given to the process used in the state of Missouri but the concepts apply to any state.

Website design–This book highlights HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS programming for websites.  It was written specifically with homeschoolers in mind but has also been used with public school computer classes.  The first edition of this book is done and the second edition is underway.

I also have dramatic scripts (most of them Monologues) available for purchase and immediate download.  Check out all the details here.

To purchase either of these books, please contact me.