Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Need church bulletins?  Need weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters?  AKIR Design can create a solution to meet your needs.  I will meet with you and create a custom design for your publications.  If you need the work completed each time, just send the content and I will send the completed product.  Just need a template?  I can help with that too…and give it to you in whatever format you need so you can complete each successive iteration of the publication.

As with our other services, discounts apply for ordering more than one service.  Combine a web design with desktop publishing and I can ensure that the styles of each match for a greater brand awareness.  I can also combine hard copy publishing with email marketing to provide a complete marketing package.

Additionally, if you need a logo or or graphics created, I can also provide those services.  Got some ideas for contents?  Got a “napkin sketch” that you want realized?  Let me know what your ideas are an I can create a beautiful logo for your situation.