Monthly Archives: August 2014

A New Page

Today, August 15, 2014, I turn a new page in my life. Today is my last day working for St. Louis Public Schools. On Monday, I will begin full time at the Christian Activity Center in East St. Louis where I’ve been working part time since January. I’ve spent 10 school years at Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School. In those 10 years, I’ve worked 3 as drama teacher, 8 as the building’s technology liaison, 3 as math teacher, 3 as computer teacher, 9 as student tech crew advisor, 4 as yearbook advisor (including 2 where I did nearly all of it by myself), 2 as Fine Arts Team Leader and 1 as Math Team Leader. Needless to say, I’ve worn multiple hats some of the years (all but the first, actually).

However, the last 11 years has also included a series of “coincidences” that has brought me to where I am today. First of all, I found out about the position in the district when I went to interview with Be Smart Tutoring for a tutoring position. The person I interviewed with had just left the district and notified me of a music position at the high school. I submitted my resume and was called for the drama position at the middle school. Going into my second year, it looked like I was only going to be here one year. It was discovered that they shouldn’t have hired me anyway (as I was the 2nd drama teacher at the school and they were only “supposed” to have one…long story) and it looked like the other drama teacher was going to remain due to seniority. However, then it was realized that the other drama teacher wasn’t fully certificated and I was so I was able to keep the position.

At the end of my second year, the building’s technology liaison (and assistant principal) moved to another building leaving a void in the tech liaison position which I was put into since I had already shown capabilities in the position. Due in part to the fact that, as tech liaison, I completed much of the schedules for the arts classes in the third year, when the Fine Arts team leader stepped down, I was elected by the team to take her position as team leader.

After my third year, I was moved to math teacher and math team leader while still filling the technology liaison role. After my year teaching 8th grade math, I was pulled out of the classroom and made full-time technology liaison. The next two years afforded me a lot of opportunity to gain a lot of much-needed knowledge in Windows, Servers, Websites, email, hardware, Office software, and many other topics related to working on and with computers. During the second of these two years, I also worked on the school’s yearbook by completing most of it using Microsoft Publisher. The next year, I was placed back in a classroom (with additional planning time for technology work) as a math and computer science teacher…I also created the yearbook again mostly on my own. The following two years, I had a formal technical crew class which also assisted on the yearbook and taught all three grades of computer science.

Finally, last year I was placed back in the math classroom while still managing much of the technology and tech theatre for the building. In November of 2013, due to my extensive, hands-on training in technology, I applied for and got my current position at the Christian Activity Center (how I found out about that position was another “coincidence” that I don’t have space for here) which has led to my new full-time position.

All-in-all, God has keenly orchestrated the events of the last 10+ years to put me in an optimum position to make this change.