A Christmas Carol

A New Musical Adaptation by Allen and Kristy Moore

To create this new musical adaptation of this beloved classic, Allen started with the original prose and dramatized each scene. Most scenes are exactly as they appeared in the original text. However, certain changes were made to allow for the original songs and the desire to show not just an emotional change in Ebenezer Scrooge but also a spiritual change.

From this page you can read some excerpts from this New Adaptation, hear some of the original songs from the first production, and see first production information including the cast and crew list.

In addition, if you want to produce your own presentation of this classic, you can find ordering and royalty information.

For any of this information, just follow the links below.

Cast and Crew of 2008 DTC Production
Cast and Crew Production 2002
A Christmas Carol Ordering Information
A Christmas Carol Royalty Information
A Christmas Carol Script Excerpts
A Christmas Carol Original Songs