2008 Cast and Crew

In the summer of 2008, A Christmas Carol was performed by Destination Theatre Company with the following cast and crew.

Production Crew
Director Allen Moore
Music Director Jonathan Gathman
Assistant Conductor Allen Moore
Stage Manager Andrew Lafferty
Costume Mistress Janet Smith
Costume Crew
Kristy Moore
Jeanne Tomblin
June DeFrates
Props Mistress Bonny Burke
Set Designer Allen Moore
Master Carpenter John Christian
Light and Sound Board Operator Joe Moore
House Manager Frank Tupy
Production Cast
Charles Dickens John Christian
Fred John Tupy
Ebenezer Scrooge Dale Ward
Eliott Gathman
Isaac Moore-understudy
Bob Cratchit Ray Martin
Solicitors Janet Smith and Rebecca Tomblin
Jacob Marley Dan Hull
Spirit of Christmas Past Haley Gregory
Lauren Gathman
Kristy Moore-understudy
School Children
Eliott Gathman Rebekah Moore
Anna Perry Josiah Gathman
Abraham Ward Rebekah Perry
Elizabeth Carver Isaac Moore
Young Boy Scrooge Abraham Ward
Little Fan Sophia Griep
Fezziwig John Christian
Mrs. Fezziwig Sheryl Watts
Dick Wilkins Forrest Thrasher
Fezziwig Worker Dan Hull
Dan Hull Rebecca Tomblin,
Isaac Moore Anna Perry
John Tupy Lauren Harris
Lauren Gathman Forrest Thrasher
Eliott Gathman Sophia Griep
Young Adult Scrooge John Tupy
Young Belle Lauren Harris
Adult Belle Bonny Burke
Child Rachel Moore
Maid Janet Smith
Spirit of Christmas Present Kim Perry
Mrs. Cratchit Bev Gregory*
Peter Cratchit Isaac Moore
Martha Cratchit Haley Gregory
Belinda Cratchit Elizabeth Carver
Tiny Tim Cratchit Will Burke
Mary Lauren Harris
Topper Abraham Ward
Sarah Haley Gregory
William Isaac Moore
Esther Sophia Griep
Patrick Forrest Thrasher
Debra Rebekah Moore
Spirit of Christmas Future John Christian
Three Business People
Janet Smith
Dan Hull
Rebecca Tomblin
Pawnbroker Allen Moore Mrs. Cobbler Sheryl Watts Laundress Bev Gregory* Charwoman Bonny Burke Boy Isaac Moore Poulterer

* Nominated for Arts for Life Award for role

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