Leaders and Leadership–TBT (Throw Back Today)

Throughout my life, I have had many opportunities to be placed in a position of leadership: in my current position with data and website management, my former position as a technology leader, positions in my former school as a team leader (two years as the arts team leader and one as the math team leader), leadership positions in the classroom as a teacher, several leadership positions in my church, leadership potions in the theatre company I ran, leadership positions in other theatrical production, etc. In all of those leadership positions, as well as through reading a lot about leadership techniques both from books and online, I’ve learned a great deal about how to lead people.

One of the greatest things I have learned is that a leader doesn’t have to be (and, in fact, probably won’t be) all-knowing all of the time. In every position, I learn things as I go. An important trait is to accept that some people will have information that 1) you didn’t know they had and 2) that you wish you had. This is a major aspect that sets true leaders apart from managers. People who are managers, believe that all of the information should come through them and, only with the information that they see fit, they will disseminate it to their subordinates. Leaders, on the other hand, not only know that some information will come from their subordinates, they accept and even encourage it. For true leaders, information exchange goes both ways through very large, accommodating pipes. In this global age of information, anyone at any level can contribute in a way that can move a company, group or team forward.

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